More that 55% or American Seniors are pet owners, and the more we find about the health benefits of
owning and caring for a pet, this percentage is increasing. People who own pets can’t imagine their lives
without their furry friends and consider them family.
Recently there have been a lot of studies trying to determine the actual health benefits of owning a pet,
and the conclusions have been very interesting and informative. While we often focus on our role in
caring for our pets, the truth is that they are caring for you at the same time. Pets provide us with
unconditional love and companionship, they don’t care how we look or smell, they just want to be near
us. Along with the love that our animals provide, they are providing you with medical benefits and
naturally increasing your longevity.
Here are just a few of the health benefits of owning a pet.
 Pets are shown to lower the risk of heart disease.
 Pet owners remain more active, and have a sense of responsibility to their animals
 Dog Owners especially benefit from their animals, often due to increased activity.
 Owning an animal can greatly improve your mental health.
If you already own a furry family member, you might want to thank them for the great job they are
doing taking care of you! If you are considering a new companion, please look at adoption as an option.
There are so many great animals in our local shelters, that just need a second chance!

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