What is a Reverse Mortgage and is it right for me?

There are many concerns as we age and one concern that almost everyone faces is the financial variety. As people continue to age in place maintenance, cost of living, and other factors become an increasing concern. One option available to seniors is a reverse mortgage. This allows you to draw from the equity in your home or property in the form of a loan. Reverse mortgages are not for everyone, in fact you must be at least 62 years of age to qualify. There are several options cashing in on the equity in your home, though few allow you to remain in your home while doing so.

            If you are having financial difficulty and are considering selling your home or maybe you’ve run into some unexpected medical or other expenses. A reverse mortgage lets you get a loan for a percentage of the equity you currently have in your home at no cost to you. If you still have a current mortgage on your home that must be paid off using the money from the reverse mortgage, anything left after that is yours to keep. The loan company will make their money back when the house is sold at the previously agreed rate. If the economy experiences a downturn before the house is sold and it is not possible to recoup full value of the loan the mortgage company eats that loss. Once you receive a reverse mortgage loan you are free to live in your house until you exhaust your funds, voluntarily move out, or pass away. A reverse is a perfect tool for seniors as they age, and their care expenses increase. Since reverse mortgage loan proceeds are tax free if you don’t end up needing the money it won’t cost you in taxes and the money will earn interest. As the borrower you may elect to take a lump sum payment, monthly disbursements, or even set it up as a line of credit that if unused can grow as the borrower ages. These options are available for seniors in a wide range of different situations who will be using the money for a variety of things.

            With 70% of Americans requiring senior care at some point in their lives that money can go a long way in providing comfort and independence within your own home. As long as the terms of the loan are met, and the borrower continues to pay property taxes and otherwise maintain the property this money cannot be taken away and does not require repayment until 6 months after the last surviving homeowner moves out of the property or passes away. This makes reverse mortgage an ideal option for seniors wishing to remain in their homes and is typically used for home remodels/repairs, in-home care, and daily living expenses. Whether a reverse mortgage is right for you or even something you qualify for it can be a valuable tool and is important to be educated on.

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