Should my mom with Dementia be traveling with me for the holidays?

Mom lives with me and needs someone watching her all the time. She can no longer be trusted to be on her own and very rarely wants to leave home anymore. Obviously, I can’t leave her alone, is it better to hire someone to stay with her or take someone with me to visit relatives? Making the right call for your loved ones over the holidays is a hard choice and there is no answer that will work for everyone. Each situation is different and finding the fit that works for everyone can take time and patience. Travel very much depends on the stage of Dementia your loved one is in and how they respond to leaving the house for short visits will be a good indicator. If they can get out of the house to run errands such as going to the grocery store or out to eat that is a positive sign that they may be able to travel to relatives. Unless they are in the early stages of Dementia, however, this will almost certainly not be possible. Traveling long distances can be upsetting for those suffering from Dementia and being around large groups of people will likewise cause them to feel unsure and insecure about their unfamiliar surroundings. Routine and consistency are the two best things for those suffering from Dementia, since the holiday’s only come once per year there is very little of either to be found. It may be hard to leave your loved ones alone or feel that they deserve to have a good time and if they can’t you shouldn’t either. This isn’t true however; you still deserve to live your life without having to think about how every decision you make will affect your loved ones. The best thing for those suffering from Dementia is to maintain their normal routines. Having a dedicated caregiver who is there to assist your loved one is just as effective as doing it yourself and better for your sanity. Find Us @ Home has the loving and caring providers necessary to ensure your loved ones can maintain a routine and flourish. Routine supersedes holidays and continuing to maintain a schedule will be more beneficial than uprooting your loved one to travel to an unfamiliar and likely uncomfortable situation for them. It may seem cruel to leave them behind, though it is what they prefer and the best possible situation for them. Trusting others to care for our loved ones can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. Our licensed and bonded team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring everyone they care for is treated like family. Let us bring you into our family so that you can spend more time with yours!

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