Mom has Dementia and is living with me. How do we handle the Holidays?

Many of us can relate to having a loved one (often mom or dad) living with us once they get to the stage that they can no longer effectively take care of themselves. This can be challenging at times and will often push us to our limits. Many of us are still adjusting to having an adult loved one live with us who needs our constant attention. Traveling is often out of the question when a loved one is living with you especially if they are suffering from Dementia. Moving in a loved one often throws an unexpected wrench in your holiday plans. If you are still adjusting living with or moving in with a loved one you likely haven’t thought about the holidays. Now that they are fast approaching you might be wondering what you are going to do this year? If you are used to traveling to be with family over the holidays that might not be an option, this year. If you are wondering if mom or dad will be alright to travel to visit family the answer is usually no. Routine and consistency are incredibly important for those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s and disrupting routine can often create setbacks that they may never recover from. If your loved ones just live across town or less than a 45-minute drive away a day visit will likely be minimally disruptive enough to be permissive. As the Alzheimer’s and Dementia worsens even these short trips will eventually and inevitably become an impossibility. While having over a lot of people even close friends and family is easier and much better choice it can still be chaotic and disruptive to routine. If you are going to have people over for the holidays it is best if they don’t stay with you if possible. If you still have holiday plans and want to get out of town to visit family and friends it is best to hire a caregiver to stay with your loved ones in an effort to preserve routine. Find Us @ Home has the reliable and experienced caregivers you can trust to provide peace of mind and let you focus on enjoying good company. While it might seem cruel to leave your loved ones behind it is often best for them and you. Allowing them to maintain a sense of routine while allowing you to experience a sense of normalcy and freedom that are typically otherwise lacking in these situations. Find Us @ Home has the professionally trained staff you need to give ongoing relief or temporary respite. If we cannot provide the right caregiver to meet your needs, we are happy to make recommendations and do everything in our power to find you the right caregiver that meets and exceeds your greatest expectations. Holidays can be busy and stressful enough without adding any extra complications. Find Us @ Home is prepared to meet and exceed your loved ones needs this Holiday season so that you don’t always have too! Call us today to find out more and schedule your free in-home assessment! (360) 989-9197.

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