I’ll have a drink please!

Did you know that as our bodies age, we lose a portion of the natural fluid that is
stored in our systems? Now that is looks like summer has arrived, this is the time
to pay close attention to our hydration needs. Due to the heat and more outdoor
activity our bodies will need increased fluids, especially water. Maintaining your
hydration needs will provide you with a variety of health benefits and can allow
you to better fight potential health concerns.
Increasing fluids will obviously increase those trips to the restroom, however
despite this inconvenience, it is a great way to know that you are taking in enough
fluids, flushing your system and doing great things for your body.
Here are some tips that I have found assist me in remembering to drink enough
 Have water close at hand and visible – this provides a visual cue
 Don’t only drink when you feel thirsty – take sips of water throughout the
 Keeping track of your fluid (water) intake can be fun – Set a daily goal!

Not all fluids are the same!

It should be noted that beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, tea and
most carbonated drinks, can add to dehydration, and should not be counted as a
part of your daily fluid intake. For more information check out the attached link
for more tips and ways to assure your daily intake of liquids and to maintain your
hydration status.


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