Dad’s getting older now and we are worried about him falling, but he refuses help and will not move out of his house! Are there any other options?

As our loved one’s age, they are often the last ones to admit that they need help. If you are concerned about a parent or other loved one who lives alone and may be at risk for falling or some other danger you are not alone! We all want the peace of mind of knowing are loved ones are safe. If they are unable to cooperate however, this can be hard to come by. Ideally bringing up the subject of a move to a retirement home or assisted living may be the right option. If they don’t want to leave their home and prefer to age in place like many seniors, then there are many great home care options available as well. We are often the last ones to admit we need help however; and it is quite possible that your loved one isn’t interested in exploring any of these options. You can only do so much so don’t beat yourself up! If you are still worried there are some great home monitoring devices you may have heard of such as life alert and guardian. The Medical guardian doesn’t offer prevention, but it does come with immediate intervention. They even offer a portable watch with live 24/7 monitoring. To find out more about what products and services they offer check out the link below. It is tough to watch our loved ones decline and is never an easy topic to broach. If you have a loved one you think may need some extra assistance it is never to early to take steps to ensure their safety and your peace of mind. A medical alert system can be a great way to do this, though it definitely is not for everyone. There are plenty of other great resources out their and we encourage you to explore all your options before making any decisions. Medical alert system can be a great first step towards introducing other options and is minimally invasive. Check out the rest of our web site to see a list of our services and if home care may be right for you.

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