Dad is having trouble keeping his medication organized and taking all the right pills! I am there as often as possible, but it isn’t enough what else can I do?

Does it seem like your loved one is taking a million different pills per day? As we age the litany of prescriptions our Doctors recommend consistently grows. As we begin to lose certain senses and abilities that were available to our younger selves Doctors are constantly prescribing some new pill that will fix your perceived shortcomings. As we age and our senses dull we are put in a position where it is increasingly difficult to be self-sufficient and while the pills may increase sufficiency they are catch 22 in the sense that they can help when taken regularly and according to the prescribing physician’s direction. However, the reasons that we need these pills are also the same reasons that we have trouble managing and taking all the medications required. As our loved one’s age, they will get more and more medications and become less and less equipped to manage them. We have all seen the standard pillboxes with a designation for each day of the week, these have worked well for years. Though as we continue to push and create more and more medications forever occurring problems we push farther and farther away from a time when the standard medication boxes were efficient and effective. Thankfully pharmacies have begun to evolve with the times and we have seen the advent of many new forms of pill dispensers. As medication increases the pill dispensers have grown in size and design adding designations for taking multiple pills at different times throughout each day. Even these new forms of medication dispensers can be confusing and hard to use for many seniors. Fortunately, there is a new company “Simplemeds” that works with you and your physician to individually package and deliver your medications on a monthly basis. For example, if you take pills 4 times throughout the day starting at 7 am and ending at 7 pm you would receive a package labeled 7 am with a date and a list of medications inside. If you take pills 8 times throughout the day you will receive 8 individual packages for each day of the month all with time and date stamps as well as a list of the contained medications. This is a complete game-changer for anyone struggling to manage their lengthy list of medications. Simplemeds takes the guesswork out of medication management leaving you more time to live your life! Check out the link below to go to Simplemeds website to learn more and sign up!

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