Can Home Care Really Benefit Dementia Patients and is it Right for My Loved One?

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are tricky diseases that often will often confound and frustrate even the most patient caregiver. As home care agencies across the country are learning more about this terrible disease, we have taken steps to better educate and train our employees on how to deal with Dementia patients. Certainly, nursing homes and other facilities are providing similar training, but there is one big advantage to staying at home even when suffering from Dementia. The consistency and routine provided in a familiar environment are key in preventing or delaying the move to a memory care facility. A familiar environment offers comfort and security for those suffering from Dementia. New environments can and likely will disorient a Dementia patient causing their confusion to grow. They are already suffering to remember and waking up in an unfamiliar environment can be scary, even dangerous. Those suffering from Dementia often relive the past as if it is happening again for the first time, because for them it is. Imagine how scary it must be to be stuck in a distant memory only your environment is completely foreign and unfamiliar. This is what Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients experience on a regular basis and why moving them to a home can be detrimental to their health. This often leads to anger and frustration, which can in rare cases lead to violent outbursts. Having a familiar environment and familiar people will go a long way to soothing the confusion and frustration felt by those suffering from this terrible disease. Memory care facilities certainly have their place, however, and depending on the stage of Dementia your loved one happens to be in maybe the best and safest location for them. At Find Us @ Home we are dedicated to serving the community. We have the staff, training, and experience, to assist and navigate you and your loved ones through these difficult times. At Find Us @ Home we can help find the right caregiver for your home and loved ones. We recognize not everyone is at this stage, however, and if staying at home is no longer an option, we are happy to help find a new home and the right fit for your loved one(s). Routine provides normalcy, doing familiar tasks will provide a sense of calm, even if they don’t completely understand why anymore. At Find Us @ Home we have the trained and professional staff to encourage and continue routine in order to mitigate the challenges of dealing with Alzheimer’s or Dementia as much as possible. CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT! (360) 989-9197

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