Avoiding Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in the Senior Population

With the hot weather upon us heat stroke and exhaustion are a serious concern. Seniors in particular are susceptible to these potentially deadly threats. With the right knowledge and preparation these threats can be avoided. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid going outside during the hottest times of the day if possible. Staying in air-conditioned environment will also minimize the risk of heat stroke. Some of these things may not be ideal of even possible depending on the situation and if you must go outside remember to wear appropriate clothing and pack plenty of water. Going out in the sun on a nice day can feel great and often times we are slow to notice to the warning signs of heat stroke exhaustion until it is too late. Dizziness, breathing problems, nausea, and headaches are just some of the problems associated with heat stroke. While there can be some pretty serious consequences associated with heat stroke and exhaustion, they can also be avoided by following fairly simple steps. Watching the heat index is another important step to take many people often overlook or do not even know about at all. The heat index factors humidity into the weather forecast and combines it with temperature to give a more accurate gauge of how the weather will feel on any given day. Monitoring humidity is important because the more moisture the air has the harder it is for the body to regulate temperature via the built-in temperature regulation system, also known as sweat. These simple steps can all but eliminate the risk of heat stroke if all done together. It may be an inconvenience and many seniors may not see the need to follow these guidelines and it is important as caregivers to ensure we do everything in our power to minimize risk. This may mean staying inside isn’t an option, in that case be sure to have plenty of cold water available at all times and seek shade whenever possible. Whatever the situation everyone can benefit from these simple tips. It is easy to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather, especially while it’s here, though it is important to be aware of our energy and hydration levels. Summer offers plenty of opportunity here in the beautiful Pacific North West and with the few simple tips mentioned they can all be enjoyed safely.   

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