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Our staff is completely qualified and professional. When you’re in need of a provider, you’re looking for trust, dignity, compassion, and most importantly, quality care.

About Find Us @ Home

Welcome to Find Us @ Home

We provide our clients senior home care services in the Vancouver, Washington area. Our staff is completely qualified and professional and when you’re in need of a provider you’re looking for trust, dignity, compassion, and most importantly, quality care. You can expect all of this plus more when you choose Find Us @ Home to be a part of your loved one’s daily care-taking.

The best thing about our services is that we know and completely understand that every client has different needs to be met. Some clients may need more attention than others or some clients may need different services than others and many other circumstances. This is why we’re so successful, because both ownership and staff have the experience that you’re looking for when choosing your next provider.

Care At It’s Finest

Find Us @ Home ensures your loved one is in a safe place at all times. Our staff understands that even the smallest slip can really cause major damages. This is why we practice and abide by our safety procedures because a plan in place is the best possible way to ensure great care. Our staff is screened before we hire and continuously screened throughout employment with occasional meetings to ensure they are abiding by all of our procedures. Your loved one is our number one priority and we are always available to talk whenever you may have any questions or concerns.

Benefits of working with us

  • We Deliver The Highest Quality Care For Your Loved Ones
  • We Help Adults of All Ages With Daily Living Activities
  • We Ensure The Safety Of Your Loved One
  • All Of Our Caregivers Are Screened Before And During Employment
  • We Have An Open Phone Line For Any Questions Or Concerns
  • Because We Truly Care

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